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This picture (above), taken by Barnt Green parish chairman Robert Cholmondeley shows the well-worn path created by...

The Lounge counters ‘negative’ online commenters

The Lounge community cafe in Alvechurch has issued a statement wishing another food business well in its application for a licence to operate in the village to counter comments being promulgated by social media users . . .

Barnt Green ‘land grab’ on new estate

A “LAND GRAB” is causing problems on a village housing estate as new residents put up “Private” signs on public open space. Barnt Green Parish Council is writing to Bromsgrove planners . . .

£1million, but worth it . . .

This picture (above), taken by Barnt Green parish chairman Robert Cholmondeley shows the well-worn path created by villagers using the new £1...

Planning reforms put key decisions on ice

The Local Plan for Bromsgrove district has to wait for the outcome of the Government’s radical planning proposals before it can move...

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Hannah Genders visits a village farmer whose philosophy is to ‘give something back’ and to enhance the land. During...

How did Mop fair go ahead?

THE ANNUAL MOP fair went ahead in Alvechurch despite last-minute efforts to stop it over coronavirus fears. Local councillors, district and parish, tried to halt it after hearing that the fair event that takes over the village centre on the first


Mary Green visits the farm where she grew up to see the benefits of organic methods. What an odd...


Hannah Genders visits the source of Raymond Blanc’s famous seasonal produce and meets the gardening brains behind it. As...


Even after a long spring and early summer in the garden there’s still work to be done, writes Hannah Genders.


This has been a strange spring and early summer in all ways. Not only have people’s habits been drastically changed by the lockdown, but we have had peculiar weather. It was the sunniest May ever – my solar panels made lots of electricity! It was unusually warm and here in particular extremely dry. All the muddy patches went and were replaced by dry ground.

Meat . . . or veg?

Mary Green looks at the implications of what we eat . . . It...

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Hannah Genders visits a village farmer whose philosophy is to ‘give something back’ and to enhance the land. During...

Beauty at Bellissimo

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE The start of spring is the perfect time to treat yourself to a bit of pampering, and Burcot’s beauty salon Bellissimo offers the...

Let’s go on a journey

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to planning a holiday – but the amount of choice can be overwhelming, and not...

BeautyBox is growing fast

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Since BeautyBox successfully relocated from Barnt Green to Catshill, the salon has gone from strength to strength – so much so that owner Becky Baker realised she needed...

The Village Archive. . . 20 years ago

A look back at what was happening around here in March 2000. This issue...


Withybed Moorings surrounded by wildflowers.

How can we slow down the Swan Street morons?

Dear Editor – Is there anything that can be done about the speeding after the pinch-point heading towards Redditch, on Swan Street...

I’m sorry, but the Village Hall can’t deliver a Post Office

Dear Editor – I am writing in response to the letter from Mrs M R Gardner that appeared in last month’s Village,...

Cofton is no longer a village

Dear Editor – I’m afraid Steve and Judy Hewitt (Village Views, March 2020) aren’t the only Cofton residents saying “Spend our money...

Pictures give tacit consent to offence

Dear Editor – I was perturbed to see the opening page of the March edition of The Village magazine devoted to Morris...

Why are the trees being felled?

Dear Editor – As daily walkers to the Lickey Country Park, we are surprised at the drastic cutting down of hundreds of...

It’s for bees, not dogs

Dear Editor – I have just come in after transplanting some snowdrops, Scillas, Aconites and Primroses from my garden into the Pollinators...

Don’t abuse ‘tree huggers’

Dear Editor – The phrase “tree hugger”, as used in the letter “Too many people on the planet?” in The Village magazine...

Do you remember ‘Blackberry Jane’?

Dear Editor – I wonder if anyone can remember a woman nicknamed “Blackberry Jane”, who used to wander around the Cofton and...

Kindness of strangers

Dear Editor – I would like to thank everyone in Alvechurch who rallied round when our elderly ginger cat Bobby was in...


Special day at The Lounge

I had a wonderful birthday afternoon tea at the Community Cafe/Lounge, Alvechurch, last month with 30 of my friends. 

Snobbery on a piffling matter

Before we came to live here 30 years ago I had never come across such parochial snobbery as exists in this area, so well illustrated in the last issue of The Village.

Dazzling dahlias

The gardens in the August edition of The Village were very impressive. I missed making any contribution, but I think our dahlias are worth a view

Spend on signage, not traffic-calming

May I draw attention to a parallel between two items in your June 2016 issue?

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View September 2012

Is Bordesley a cash cow?

Each year we are “milked” with the council tax, in the region of £1/4m, and what do we get for the money that we are forced to pay? Very, very little, I suggest.


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