Tuesday, February 27, 2024

About The Village: In print and online

The Village is a very popular and highly regarded monthly magazine serving the thriving and beautiful north Worcestershire countryside between Bromsgrove, Birmingham, Solihull and Redditch.

The area is home to many people who work in the conurbations, but enjoy life in and around the villages that inspire the magazine, as well as the people whose families have lived here for generations.

The Village was launched in October 1998 by a group of journalists who brought many years of experience on national and regional newspapers to the production of a magazine that really matters to its readers – people who care about what is happening around them.

We now print just over 10,000 copies a month in a modern B5 format, with almost all of these delivered by our own teams of distributors to homes across the area. Some are available at village shops and other outlets for readers to pick up, while the remainder are delivered by the Royal Mail to subscribers.

People have grown over the years to love getting their copy of The Village and demand for it is growing all the time.

The magazine is currently published 10 times a year at the start of each month except for the joint July/August and December/January issues.

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