Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Average speed cameras would slow traffic


Dear Editor – Having recently returned to Hopwood and having been born in Alvechurch, I can agree that drivers need to be more respectful of the village roads.

People need to think about speed limits and not use them as targets! As someone who was authorised to drive Aston Martin DB9R’s to 200mph, I have been a petrolhead, but that mentality must be left on the test track. In a village where the Dellow sports car was king when 0-60 was in minutes, the roads are not suitable for today’s traffic.

My biggest fear is that when custom-modified electric cars become king of the roads, we won’t even hear them coming. At least engines make noise.

Those of us who preach about speed are the safe drivers, it’s the nut behind the wheel we need the police to focus on.

We all demonise speed cameras but they do work. Just watch the brake light displays on the M5 at every camera point. What we really need is an average speed camera between Roberts Corner and the Beoley roundabout end of the bypass. The police could sit at either end and have a field day dishing out tickets.

Stephen Lloyd, Hopwood