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Pictures give tacit consent to offence


Dear Editor – I was perturbed to see the opening page of the March edition of The Village magazine devoted to Morris dancers in blackface. The internet and Morris dancers themselves provide no real explanation for the use of blackface. It is known to cause offence, due to racial appropriation. Thereby, considering these two factors, it is not a logical fallacy to assume that these Morris dancers are proactively offending out of sheer stubbornness.
In our society, blackface is considered an anachronism and thereby, should not feature in your magazine. It appears to be a tacit concession on the part of the magazine that blackface is acceptable. It is entirely unacceptable. I remind readers of the outrage over the blacking-up of Morris dancers in Birmingham city centre in 2017.
George Roberts, Barnt Green


  1. The explanation for the blackface disguise dates back to at least the 17th century when out of work labourers supplemented their income anonymously by dancing and begging but were too proud to want to be recognised. This is not about race it was and is part of our English culture. Why can’t we just enjoy it rather than criticise it.
    They are wonderful entertainment and at the same time raise money for charity.