Information for Advertisers

The Village magazine – a great place to advertise!

The format and distribution of The Village mean it is the perfect print medium to meet the quality and reach requirements of advertisers.

Many of our advertisers have been happy to use The Village month after month, year after year, knowing it will bring the results they need.

All of them say that it is the one magazine they know people will read!

We print the 10,000 copies we say we will – and are happy to prove it – and we use our own teams of deliverers to push a copy through almost every letter box across our area. We don’t just leave a few copies here and there in public places, hoping someone might pick one up.

We try to make it as easy as possible to advertise in The Village and will create the artwork for you where necessary. There is none of the hard-sell or impersonal treatment you may have experienced elsewhere.

Advertisers often say we are very nice people to work with, and we have become good friends with very many of them.

If you would like further information about advertising in The Village magazine please call our sales office on 07536 987950 or email

Download The Village media information as a pdf