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How can we slow down the Swan Street morons?


Dear Editor – Is there anything that can be done about the speeding after the pinch-point heading towards Redditch, on Swan Street in Alvechurch?

It is getting worse, without doubt. Most cars are now speeding past here way above the speed limit and the noise from their engine revs as they impatiently go up the incline is so loud we often have to increase the volume on the TV.

A while ago a motorbike sped through in the early hours, heading into the village doing what must’ve been pushing 70mph. It woke most of us along this stretch to the point that it was being talked about in the Swan pub a day or so later! 
I wrote to Worcestershire Highways who replied, basically accusing us all of imagining the whole thing:
“. . .recent speed surveys in the village have shown there is not a speeding issue, however little can be done for individuals who deliberately drive at speed during the early hours. Speed enforcement is a matter for the Police.” 

They omitted to address the daytime hours I’d mentioned– just like the moron who drove past here a short while ago at about 50mph+ at 4.45pm on a Sunday afternoon.
What would we need to do to have a speed table, which creates less engine revving than bumps and, I’ve read, can be used as an “informal” crossing for pedestrians (like the pinch-point is), or another pinch-point installed? 

A camera would be the best deterrent but the pavement may be too narrow to place one. I wish we could make it a toll road for non-residents so people would be more likely to use the bypass, which seems to be barely used!
Oh, and there goes another moron!

Jane, Swan Street, Alvechurch


  1. Jane is completely correct. It seems that many drivers think that as soon as they exit the pinch point by the Swan Pub they are clear to make up any lost time from being slowed down in the village centre by racing up Swan Street. This us particularly dangerous as they crest the hill and approach Sandhills Nursery entrance (for obvious reasons). Another pinch point by School Lane would be ideal, or a speed camera.

  2. After walking through the village this evening from School Lane up to Aqueduct Lane there were hardly any cars on the road (obviously). It did however become quite apparent that not many of them were sticking to the speed limit. Just because the roads are empty it doesn’t mean speed limits can be broken.