Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Worse than bungles


I would like to congratulate you on your editorial in the September issue of The Village. However, I think your adjectives are generally far too mild.

You are absolutely right, the bungling is getting worse, but unfortunately if we insist upon living in our so-called democracy, it would seem that we would have to endure a worsening situation.

Legislation has conspired to proliferate the number of “useless mouths” (I believe an old army term). This, coupled with the saturation of the airwaves with PC propaganda, has reduced us to a nation of robots reluctant to make a decision in this litigious age. They are controlled by legislation designed to protect us from our own stupidity

A great motivator of mankind is fear, but all fear has been abolished: we no longer have the fear of God, the fear of losing our jobs and the fear of starvation.

The welfare state has conspired to deprive us of initiative and ultimately hope.

In turn the attributes of discipline, common sense and fortitude, together with honesty and consideration have largely disappeared.

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