Alvechurch Parish Council has given its full backing to a 20mph zone in the village centre, due to be implemented later this year, and to pay £1,000 towards the scheme.
The area will cover the most central section of the village, whether drivers are entering from Tanyard Lane, Radford Road, Swan Street or Bear Hill.
Parish chairman Marc Worrall said: “We should accept this wholeheartedly. We had hoped the zone would extend to the school but apparently that would require ‘vertical reinforcement’ – speed bumps! – and the cost would escalate.
“The pinch point already slows you down, as do the pedestrian crossings and mini island by the school, so it’s not really warranted to extend the zone. Speed bumps are also problematic to people living on the road, and emergency vehicles.”
Coun John Cypher asked: “County is usually opposed to 20mph zones – are we a special case?”
County and district councillor Charlie Hotham replied: “County is under pressure to provide them – although they did a survey in Rubery and found that the speed went up! They can use that as a rebuff to other requests.
“This is great for us – it will happen anyway, but it’s good to have full parish council support. Alvechurch residents and shops will see the benefit.”


  1. We have lived in Old Rectory Lane for over 30 years, and have always had an issue with speeding ‘rat runners’. We have made a number of attempts to have this dealt with, not only for the benefit of other residents, but also to make it a safe environment for all the walkers, runners and horse riders and cyclists who regularly and increasingly enjoy using the lane. Unfortunately one of the side effects of reducing the speed limit in the centre of Alvechurch will be an increase of speeding drivers using Old Rectory Lane to avoid the centre of the village. The speed limit in the lane is 30mph, which is completely unsuitable given that it is a single track lane with several bends that reduce visibility to a few feet.

    We also have concerns about Radford Road for the same reason, where for most of its length the national speed limit applies. Again this is highly inappropriate, given the number of walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders who use it. Redditch Road has a speed limit of 40mph and footpath along its length. We would like to see a 30mph limit on Radford Road and Redditch Road. Car drivers in a hurry can use the M42 instead of Radford Road. That’s what it is for. Leave country lanes as free as possible for other road users.