Saturday, December 9, 2023
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I’m sorry, but the Village Hall can’t deliver a Post Office


Dear Editor – I am writing in response to the letter from Mrs M R Gardner that appeared in last month’s Village, in which she suggests that the Alvechurch Village Hall Committee Room could be converted into a post office. 
Firstly, I need to correct a misconception in the letter – the village hall is not in fact owned or run by the council. It is a registered charity and is run by a Management Committee of trustees (of which I am Chairman) on behalf of its users and the wider community. All trustees are unpaid volunteers who give up their time to help manage and maintain a venue that we think is still one of the hubs of the village – hosting as we do many local groups. 
I understand Mrs Gardner’s desire to find a space for a new post office in the village. But the committee room is already in regular use for all sorts of gatherings (not just meetings!) by local clubs and societies, as well as by private hirers and as part of events taking place in the main hall. Not only would it be impractical for the hall to give up that space, it would be contrary to the hall’s written constitution, which compels us to maintain it for community use. 
I’m sorry to read that Mrs Gardner thinks the Committee Room is an uncomfortable and uninviting place.  I don’t know when she last visited, but we have tried hard over recent years to improve the environment in that room, and the rest of the hall.  I hope that she might visit us again, and perhaps revise her opinion. 
But if Mrs Gardner – or anyone else – has ideas for further improvements or would like to provide vital help in the running of the hall, we can be contacted at And anyone who might like to hire the Committee Room, or the Main Hall, can call our Hall Manager, Julie Warrender, on 07455 892909, or find further information at
Chris Davies
Chairman, Alvechurch Village Hall Management Committee