Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Cofton is no longer a village


Dear Editor – I’m afraid Steve and Judy Hewitt (Village Views, March 2020) aren’t the only Cofton residents saying “Spend our money on Cofton”.
The new village hall (which isn’t actually in a village) supposedly cost an estimated £1 million to build as an empty shell. A fair few residents have raised concerns about why, when grants are asked for and awarded, that decision should be final. Yet in recent parish council meetings they awarded a top-up to the full grant originally asked for. No public discussion, no consultation.
I urge anyone to read Cofton Hackett Parish Council’s agendas of meetings on their website – clearly you can see that the trustees seem to see the parish council as a endless money pit.
The parish council and trustees of the new hall must be independent of each other. . . Cofton Hackett is no longer a village.
Chris Taylor