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Staying changeable


10 years ago


Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

The first few days of December brought lots of sunshine and night frosts. Since then it has turned wet and sometimes very windy. Because of the changeable weather, the temperatures have increased to well above the normal. No sign of snow yet . . .

December 2019 (to the 13th)
Mean Max  8.6C  1.5 above average
Mean Min   1.8C   0.3 above average
Mean        5.2C    0.9 above average
Rainfall   41.5mm   60% of average
Sunshine  39.5 hrs  82% of average

November overall was a dull, wet and chilly month. Rainfall of 149.5mm was 191% of the local 30-year mean – so October and November had 261.6mm, nearly a third of the year’s entire rainfall.

It was the wettest November since 1992 (161.6mm). There were two very wet days, the 13th and 14th, when 46.8mm fell over a 48-hour period with local flooding.

November 2019
Mean Max  8.7C  1.1 below average
Mean Min   3.8C   0.2 above average
Mean       6.2C     0.5 below average
Rainfall    149.5mm  191% of average
Sunshine  53.8 hrs  89% of average

It looks as if unsettled and sometimes windy conditions will dominate towards the new year, with temperatures near to or somewhat above average overall, but with the usual day-to-day variations. However, in quieter spells, it is likely to be colder generally, with an increased risk of frost and fog.

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