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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Graffiti culprit must come clean


Despite the best endeavours of Lickey & Blackwell Parish Council, graffiti remains steadfast on street furniture including road signs, Virgin boxes and our weather station on Rose Hill and the Old Birmingham Road, Lickey.

Many may sympathise with the message “Save Our Green Belt”, which probably relates to the potential “Barntchurch” development just down the road, but not necessarily this particular method of resistance.

The military-style stencil and font could also be deemed a tad aggressive. Locals are fully aware of the implications of a New Town on the doorstep – so who is your target audience?

If the perpetrator has the courage of their convictions and wishes to be taken seriously, may I suggest they write an article for The Village magazine offering their misgivings in a more civilised manner. With or without their name. And pay for the removal of the sprayed paint.

Vandalising signage will only get local residents’ backs up. In fact, how would the culprit respond to having “Stamp Out Graffiti” sprayed in a lovely font and a complementary colour plastered where they live!

Keith Woolford, Lickey Hills Community Group