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Lure of the Lickeys


An original bluebell poem offering for the “smile corner” of your lovely mag.

Today I climbed a mountain, I did it in the rain.
The mountain climbed was Snowdon. . . and I went up on the train!
It took me 60 minutes and cost me forty quid.
The effort made it worth it, I’m very pleased I did. . .
‘cus the view was simply lovely all round the coastal plain
Then came the piping whistle to go back down again.
A lot of mental effort was used up on this trip
So it’s time to put my feet up and have a little kip
‘cus at my age I’ve an issue I’ll reluctantly now tell. . .
I wish there was a railway up Ben Nevis and Scafell!

Yet Lickey has a railway, the steepest in the land
To the three peaks of the Lickeys with views so very grand.
The line’s just been electrified so bankers used no longer
As electric trains climb up the hill, their engines being stronger.
There’s Beacon, Rednal, Cofton. . . the three hills in the set,
which is the Brummies’ beauty spot from where they were ‘beget’
like salmon in a river, returning we believe
the Brummies come to Lickey Woods to where they were conceived!
You may tread on young couples in the bluebell woods, it’s true,
pretend you haven’t noticed and enjoy the lovely view.
So come and walk the Lickeys, you can ride up on the train
then the three peaks of the Lickeys will have lured you back again.

Geoff Evans, Lickey Square