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Don’t fob us with ‘policy’


Jon Stevenson must be congratulated for providing an excellent letter on the law regarding trespass and nuisance on private land.

I never realised the police and local authorities had the powers to remove travellers from privately owned land, if requested by the owner.

Jon has supplied everyone with a comprehensive evaluation of the legal position. It really is vital that the police serve their communities to the best of their ability.

This means using the legal powers available and not having policies that ignore and frustrate those communities. These very communities fund the salaries of the police force.

I realise that the legislation contains the word “may” in several places and therefore affords discretionary powers to the police, but this discretion must be used lawfully.

There is a heavy burden on them to be reasonable, honest, transparent and accountable to those whom they serve.

Our MP, Sajid Javid, a Cabinet Minister with a lot of clout, must also be robust and incisive in such community matters and not be fobbed off by a convenient and very questionable “policy”.

Roy Dean, Blackwell

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