Saturday, December 9, 2023

Tip action plea


It will be four years in March when, as Independent Councillor, I finally listened to local residents and not the district council officers, about their concerns over overtipping on Marlbrook Tip.

The residents had been telling the Council for years that overtipping was taking place. They had facts and figures to prove it.

Many telephone calls and emails later, from me to the Head of Planning and the Chief Executive, the council halted the tipping. They promised a full and frank investigation. 

The locally called “rural village”, clearly to be seen on Google Earth, that exists there has grown larger each year, now with at least five very large mobile home-type living accommodation.

At any time of the day or night, seven or eight 4×4 or saloon vehicles are parked. All this repeatedly reported to the council and local councillors on many occasions.

Recently very large machinery has been sighted. We are told yet again this will be investigated.

When will the council/councillors stop procrastinating and apportioning blame and do something?

Ann Doyle, Lickey