Leave our traditions

I reply to the letter in the September issue regarding Morris men tradition. I can only surmise that the writer must have a lot more time on their hands than I do.

With all the atrocities that are happening at the moment I find it quite sad and amazing that someone is focusing on this subject. Not, in my view, important and nothing to do with racism.

I have grown up, as have many, with this tradition which has never been harmful to anyone. We welcome new people into our ever growing village, otherwise it would die; however, what we don’t welcome is being told what to do about our traditions or anything else!

Yes, Birmingham is only 12 miles away and multicultural like any city. Obviously smaller areas are different, due to work etc, that is why we are a village, not a city.
People who want to move here are probably not even aware of Morris dancers, so this cannot be used as a reason for Alvechurch being predominantly white.

Perhaps if some pictures in the magazine offend, then maybe you should request not to receive it.

If village life and traditions don’t sit well with people, then perhaps they should move to a place where they can be happy.

Roslyn Morris, address supplied