Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Bordesley fights back


Bordesley Matters
Detail from the front of the Bordesley Matters newsletter.

Residents of Bordesley, who already suffer constant heavy traffic between Redditch and the bottom of the Alvechurch bypass, are now facing the consequences of approval in principal by Redditch Borough Council for 128 homes accessed via nearby Weights Lane.

The Bordesley villagers say that at no point have they been consulted over the plans and have now formed a Bordesley Matters action group to strengthen their voice.

They want to know what the visual impact of the new homes will be, but also what the construction will mean for the already heavy traffic along their section of Birmingham Road.

They will also be lobbying developer Persimmon Homes for upgrades to the road, including better street lighting and also the possibility of cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings and a reduction in the speed limit from its current 40mph.

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