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Friday, May 20, 2022
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Don’t sacrifice our play area


I am writing with regard to Alvechurch Parish Council’s proposed car parking options for Rowney Green, and in particular the option to relocate the children’s play area.

I find astonishing the view of parish chairman Marc Worrall (Village News, September 2019) that a new play area should be funded by Rowney Green residents.

Rowney Green currently has a lovely play area for children which is well utilised. Surely we should be encouraging young children to be outside playing in the fresh air; why do you want to sacrifice this in favour of a car park?

If Alvechurch Parish Council decides to move and replace the existing children’s play area, in order to create an additional car park, then Alvechurch Parish Council should be wholly responsible for funding this.

Mrs S Devonshire, Rowney Green