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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Access-only sign is out of date


Having read much of the debate surrounding cars using Ten Ashes Lane between Groveley Lane and Barnt Green Road (Village News, September 2019 and Village Views, October 2019) can we just remember that the “Except for Access” signs are not some ancient historical local by-law but were in fact erected in the 1970s by the council to assist in preventing workers from the Austin/Rover plant using the road as a cut-through.

I do have sympathy with the residents that indeed at the top of Ten Ashes Lane the road is far too narrow to ensure safe two-car entry/exit on to Groveley Lane but, at the same time, I don’t think the “too much traffic” argument washes since the closure and demolition of the majority of the Longbridge plant.

Surely speed bumps, widening the Groveley Lane entrance, closing the Groveley Lane entrance or making the road one-way would actually be easier to implement, rather than resolutely enforcing an out-of-date traffic order?

I understand that residents wish to keep their road quiet and safe, however they will only cause themselves further anguish if they believe the police to be the solution to their problems – I really don’t think anyone would view it as an effective and proportionate use of their resources.

Cofton Hackett resident