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Dry start to autumn




Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

September started off changeable, with a little rain and some sunshine. The middle of the month was pleasantly warm with a mean maximum temperature of 19.1C – that’s 0.9C above the local mean. But the nights were quite chilly with an average minimum temperature of 8.9C; 0.7C below average.

Rainfall to the 20th was very low, only 10.6mm or 18% of the mean. The weather looked set to change as October begins, becoming much cooler and more unsettled.

September 2019 (to the 20th)
Mean Max  19.1C  0.9 above average
Mean Min   8.9C   0.7 above average
Mean        14.0C    0.1 above average
Rainfall   14.0mm    18% of average
Sunshine  116.1 hrs  93% of average

Temperatures were slightly above normal in August. The mean of 17.3C was 0.8C above the local mean. There was one very hot day on the 25th with a screen maximum of 29.9C.

Rainfall was again above normal for Alvechurch with 91.2mm, 175% of the 30-year mean. Above-average temperatures and rainfall fit in with the trend for a milder and wetter summer period locally.

August 2019
Mean Max  22.0C  0.7 above average
Mean Min   12.6C   0.9 above average
Mean       17.3C       0.8 above average
Rainfall     91.2mm  175% of average
Sunshine 160.2 hrs  107% of average

Summer Averages 2019 (June, July, August)
Mean Max  21.0C  0.4 above average
Mean Min  11.8C  0.6 above average
Mean     16.5C   0.5 above average
Rainfall   320.9mm  186% of average
Sunshine  434.6 hrs  98% of average

Confidence in the forecast remains low into October. However, early in the month there may be some fine and settled weather with bright days, but mist, fog and increasingly some frost overnight. Wind and rain may spread across the Midlands as we go through the month. Temperatures are likely to be close to the average. Pretty much what should be expected at this time of year.

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