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Summer improves


Virga clouds
Virga clouds


Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

The first 18 days of July were extremely dry, with only 1.3mm of rainfall. Even when it did rain it hardly wet the ground, leaving plants and lawns short of water. However, the 19th then brought 13mm of rain in a 12-hour period.

Daytime temperatures were slightly above normal but some cold nights left the mean temperature just below normal.

July 2019 (to the 21st)
Mean Max  21.8C  0.2 above average
Mean Min   11.6C   0.6 below average
Mean        16.7C    0.2 below average
Rainfall   17.5mm    29% of average
Sunshine  107.5 hrs  69% of average

June was a month of extremes. Rainfall of 154.4mm was 259% of the local 30-year mean, with a large amount of it falling over just three days: 71.8mm over the 10th, 11th and 12th.

There were record high temperatures on the 29th, reaching 30.9C locally. But the average temperature was only 14.3C, just below the local 30-year mean.

June 2019
Mean Max  18.6C  0.4 below average
Mean Min   10.0C   0.2 above average
Mean       14.3C       0.1 above average
Rainfall     154.4mm  259% of average
Sunshine 117.6 hrs  87% of average

Moving into August, confidence is low in the forecast with no one single weather pattern looking to dominate. This could well mean plenty of fine, dry weather, interspersed with thundery outbreaks, leading to marked local variations in rainfall. Temperatures are likely to be above average.

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