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So-called summer!


Mammatus clouds


Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

If May was quite a bland month weather-wise, June has certainly made up for it. It has been the second wettest June locally over the past 30 years. Only June 2012 was worse (184mm) – and at the time of writing there were still 10 days left for more rain to fall!

Daytime temperatures were also way below the expected value, made worse by well- below-average levels of sunshine – only 46.8 hrs, or 34% of the entire month’s average.

June 2019 (to the 20th)
Mean Max  16.8C  2.2 below average
Mean Min   9.4C   0.4 below average
Mean        13.1C    1.3 below average
Rainfall   131.1mm    200% of average
Sunshine  46.8 hrs  34% of average

May was quite a “normal” month with temperatures near the local average. Warmer days and cooler nights  balanced each other, the mean being 11.7C – just 0.1C above average.

Rainfall of 47.2mm was 85% of the local mean. Soil temperatures followed the cooler overnight screen values. The 30cm soil temperature of 11.8C was 0.4C below the mean.

May 2019
Mean Max  16.5C  0.4 above average
Mean Min   6.5C   0.2 below average
Mean       11.6C       0.1 above average
Rainfall     47.2mm  85% of average
Sunshine 158.2 hrs  85% of average

Spring 2019 (March, April, May)
Mean Max  14.0C  1.0 above average
Mean Min   5.0C   0.8 below average
Mean       9.5C       0.9 above average
Rainfall     157.6mm  94% of average
Sunshine 425.6 hrs  117% of average

The end of June may bring more dry and settled weather, but by early July more unsettled conditions may return. During the first half of July confidence in the forecast becomes very low, however it seems most probable that high pressure will lie to the south and east of the UK while Atlantic weather fronts occasionally affect the north and northwest.

This means showers and perhaps longer spells of rain are likely in the northwest, while the south and southeast may see more in the way of dry weather, although some thundery outbreaks are possible, as is usual for this time of year.

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