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Blowing hot and cold




Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

May, at least up until the 19th, was quite a cold month, with the average temperature at 10.2C – that’s 1.3C below the expected level. There were some warm sunny days in the middle of the month but we still only reached 62% of the expected sunshine.

The colder weather seems to be caused by high pressure near us, resulting in a south-easterly or easterly airstream which can be quite cold at this time of year.

May 2019 (to the 19th)
Mean Max  14.9C  1.4 below average
Mean Min   5.5C   1.2 below average
Mean        10.2C    1.3 below average
Rainfall   41mm     74% of average
Sunshine  91.9 hrs  62% of average

April started quite cold and chilly, turning milder and warmer in the second half. The mean temperature of 8.9C was 0.7C above the local average. Rainfall was below average with only 41.9mm; that’s 63% of the local amount.

April 2019
Mean Max  13.6C  0.8 above average
Mean Min   4.2C   0.6 above average
Mean       8.9C       0.7 above average
Rainfall     41.9mm  63% of average
Sunshine 151.2 hrs  128% of average

The weather as we go into June is likely to include dry and bright periods, perhaps punctuated by occasional wetter and windier spells. It could be rather cool in these unsettled periods. However, more prolonged settled and warm conditions in the north of the UK are expected to spread further south at times.

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