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Friday, July 1, 2022
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New station, old problems


Last month’s letter, “Traffic frustration”, made interesting reading. I was told by one retailer that parking on the main road in Aston Fields would be stopped once the refurbished railway station was up and running as there were going to be traffic lights at the junction where there is a roundabout at present. Good idea.

There is a carpark (free) for Aston Fields at the old railway car park, but the nature of some of the shops mean that no one stopping off for a paper or a cup of coffee is going to use this facility and walk up the road.

A problem here is that a great deal of traffic is parking outside the designated area back towards the roundabout, often concealing traffic exiting the station, another danger area.

Perhaps the old approach to the station could be made a one-way into the station area, and the new road out of the station, further down, could be made one-way out of the station area. This would alleviate the amount of traffic at the roundabout and if traffic lights were used this would give ample opportunity for exiting traffic from the station to leave.

The same thing is happening with the designated parking opposite the shops and bus stop at the top of New Road.

This whole area needs to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Another frustrated motorist