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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Immoral and wanton vandalism


I have just read your article (April 2018) about the proposed new town, “Barntchurch”, with great disdain. The green belt is to prevent urban sprawl, preventing villages becoming towns and towns becoming cities, and preventing loss of our countryside.

Our protection of the green belt has been the envy of the world; it provides work, tourism, diversity and wildlife, and is truly England’s masterpiece. The inappropriate destruction of our wonderful habitat is immoral and wanton vandalism.

We should be looking at brownfield sites immediately. Instead of builders looking for easy pickings and bending the law to build anywhere, with the Government’s approval.

The MP Sajid Javid seems to be more concerned with his career; he does more U-turns than my toilet system.

We need to protect, preserve, and prevent this disgraceful ecological destruction of our green belt. The government have disgracefully ignored their promised protection and I implore you all to lobby your MP to stop this madness.

My parents fought in the Great War to protect our pleasant lands. They would be turning in their graves. We need to protect for all future generations.

Roger Shepherd, via email