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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Keep access clear


Would it be too much to ask that drivers stop blocking the access of residents of The Square in Alvechurch? This is provided by a drive adjacent to parking in front of the Co-op.

Despite having “Keep Clear” written across it in large letters, it is not unusual to find vehicles parked here, whose owners have presumably left them while they call into the shops.

This is extremely frustrating for anyone legitimately attempting to use the drive to get home or leave, perhaps for an appointment.

It also means that access for emergency vehicles is completely blocked with potentially serious consequences. 

Some drivers park on the edge of the drive, blocking the view of any approaching traffic, and it has been a popular spot for drivers stopping to eat lunch bought from nearby premises.

Presumably the drivers responsible would be very unhappy if anyone were to block access to their homes in this manner, so why do they think it’s okay for them to behave so selfishly?               

Alvechurch resident

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