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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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I’ve no choice


The article I read upset me as a working parent who has no choice but to drive my child to school. I agree there are too many cars parked irresponsibly however most of us do park sensibly.

To the person who wrote this article: I would love to walk my child to and from school everyday but as it is 2015 and to be able to afford to live in a lovely village such as Alvechurch I have to work and get to work for 9am.

How do you suggest I walk to school (whose gates open at 8.40am), then drop my youngest child at pre-school then get to work for 9am by walking?

Oh, wait – you suggested that I should send her on her own to school, but wait – she is only five! Do you really feel that it would be safe for a first school child to walk to school?

Would you have four- and five-year-olds walking to school unaccompanied? What a ridiculous statement to make! 

Yes, there is a parking problem in the village. The answer to this problem would be to create more parking rather than more houses! The village is growing in size every year yet the parking spaces haven’t increased.

A concerned parent, Alvechurch