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Athelstan should be celebrated and not misspelled


Of course the council should correct its misspelling of Althestan Close in Alvechurch (“Street name slip-up”, The Village April 2015).

It’s an example of how the authorities expect the rest of us to put up with their mistakes. And if they can’t correct their little errors, how can we expect them to put things right when they drop a really big clanger (Marlbrook Tip springs to mind)? 

It’s also a sign of their contempt for the general public. They probably thought, ‘No one will notice. Who’s heard of Athelstan anyway?’

Well, a lot of us. He was one of our most illustrious kings, was the grandson of Alfred the Great and helped to unify the kingdom of England.

The council should celebrate the area’s connection with him. Not just say, ‘Oh well, make sure we get it right next time.’  

On a lighter note, it does make you wonder how many of us live in misnamed roads. What about Twatling Road in Barnt Green? Wherever did that come from?

Was it supposed to be Watling Road (named after one of England’s most famous Roman roads)? Did some mischievous workman decide to add a ‘T’? 

Now I actually think that, in its own small way, this has added to the general gaiety of the nation. You couldn’t say the same about Althestan Close.

Pleeze exkuse eny speling erers in this leter. 

Alaric Birkett, Finstall

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