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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Platform plea


I note from the Alvechurch Parish Council News page in the last issue, that the haul road at the “improved” railway station won’t be considered for a cycle track by the landowners.

I’d like to ask if it would it be considered as a level access to Platform 1?

Currently, if either lift is out of order anyone in a wheelchair, physically disabled with mobility problems or even fit and healthy but with a pram/pushchair especially those double ones, cannot get off the station if they are travelling back from Redditch.

They also would not be able to access Platform 1 if they needed to go in the opposite direction towards Birmingham. The only option would be to get another train to Longbridge and hope that lift is working, to wait for another train back to Alvechurch.

With the number of trains that are cancelled or late this would cause a considerable addition to travelling time.

At all railway stations that I have visited there has been disabled access, which I thought was now a legal requirement? I have emailed London Midland with the question of access and at the time of writing am still awaiting a response.

Will people please remember that some of us do rely on public transport as we do not drive, so surely access to what public transport we do have is paramount?

Rail user, Alvechurch

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