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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Applause muted


I was surprised that Bob Dale decided to question the integrity of The Village (Village Views May 2014) in reporting the leader of the district council stepping down. 

It is worth noting that in Coun Hollingworth’s “voluntary efforts” he failed to represent the constituents who voted him into office.

As parish councillor and then district councillor covering Hopwood, he ignored any opinion on any project affecting the community, other than his own.

At no stage did he hold a surgery, communicate outside of election time or show any intent to canvas opinion.

Having ignored his constituents, he then chose to ignore his officers whose professional opinion was far more valid than his amateur status.

In trying to wield a political agenda at a local level, he fundamentally did not represent his constituents. Having restructured the council organisation, as Mr Dale says, he could have left these professionals to remedy the “special measures” issue, while representing his constituents.

Not so much applause from Hopwood, more criticism. Without him, we can look forward to democracy and representation, instead of political expediency.

Tim Parsons, Hopwood