Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Hopwood needs dog bins


Hopwood Residents’ Association has received a large number of complaints with regards to dog owners not clearing up after their dogs on the footpath that runs off Ash Lane between Woodpecker Close and the Rugby field, and actually on the playing field.

There has, over the past 18 months to two years, been a considerable increase in people walking their dogs in this area, most of whom act responsibly and remove their dogs’ droppings.

However, a small number of less responsible owners are either leaving the mess where it has fallen or gathering it up and then throwing it into the local hedgerows. Both of these actions are illegal and extremely unsanitary.

To avoid this problem, it is noticed, Alvechurch has several dog-bins dotted about but we have none available in the area of our hamlet. The playing field is used constantly by children and as you are aware, dog faeces holds a particular danger to young children; any infection caused by contact with it may cause serious damage to their eyesight.

Apart from the potential mess and damage caused to the property of others walking or using the area for recreation, the irresponsible actions of these few leave the area looking very tawdry and unsightly.

I write this letter in the hope that those irresponsible few, and they know who they are, read it and change their ways accordingly.

Hopwood Residents’ Association intends to continue monitoring the situation and any deliberate and identifiable breaches of the codes of conduct relating to this problem will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Meanwhile we intend to continue to press for dog-bins to be installed within the Hopwood area.

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