Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Grit gripe


Here we are again . . . night temperatures falling well below zero and the potential for icy road conditions increases.

Our council endeavours to keep the principal traffic routes clear but we cannot expect them to grit the minor residential roads. To assist residents, however, the council has strategically placed grit bins for residents to treat potential ice hazards.

Those living off the Barnt Green Road, Cofton Hackett, know the steep inclines out of Reservoir Road and Ten Ashes Lane and would readily confirm that it is difficult to exit from either road in wintery conditions.

Hence residents go out and spread grit at the top of these roads to hopefully maintain safe driving conditions. We gritted Reservoir Road when temperatures were predicted to fall below zero on November 24 and it was good to see a very full bin at the top of the road. Well done the council.

The following night when the bin was opened to scatter more grit the first things that were evident were two nice, neat circles that were the impression of the base of a bucket. The only interpretation of this is that somebody had been to the bin and filled at least two buckets. As there was no indication that the bucket’s contents had been spread across the road, it would not be unreasonable to assume the grit was removed for use elsewhere, probably a private residence.

Why can’t individuals understand that the council provision of road grit is for the safety of the community and should be used on public roads and pavements. For those who don’t know, bags of winter grit are readily available from the many DIY suppliers in the area and it only costs a few pounds for 25kg (or 55lbs if you prefer imperial units).

Therefore should individuals require grit for private use they should put their hands in their pockets and leave the “community grit” for the benefit of the community.

Resident, Reservoir Road, Cofton Hackett