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Our litter pick gets results


The following are letters written by Alvechurch First School pupils in response to the village eco-project reported in The Village in April:

“In the holidays Anita, Rachel and I went round where we live picking up rubbish. It was sometimes teenagers throwing beer cans and glasses on to the green grass. 

So when we saw people throwing litter on the floor we went over to them and said, “Excuse me, could you pick that up and go and put it in the monster bin, please?”  Then we said, “thank you”.

After a couple of days somebody said to their friend, “Pick that back up, you’re ruining the place.”  They looked around them, we smiled at somebody. Then we walked down to the MUGA and saw a lot of litter and glass everywhere. It’s mainly the MUGA we have to keep an eye on. I’d like to help because one of my dogs cut his paw open on a piece of glass on the MUGA.

Anita, Rachel and I would like to see rubbish in the village sorted out and we could do with some more bins around the place. We could all do a sponsored pick-up-rubbish day to make Alvechurch a more safe and cleaner place.”

Written by Millie

“I’d like to tell you about what Millie and myself have been up to. We went to the park and noticed a lot of rubbish around so we decided to do something about it because this is where we like to play so we thought we would pick up and clear the rubbish ourselves. When we finished it looked really good.

Then we went back a couple of days later and it was full of rubbish again which made us very angry after all our hard work we did.

So we started to tell people that they should put their rubbish in the bin and we think this might have worked because we noticed a group of teenagers dropping rubbish and one of them out of the group told them they had to pick it up and they did.

They made us very happy because we like a nice clean safe park to play in.”

Rachel Doyle