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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Broken bottles spoil MUGA enjoyment


I’m writing to let you know of my utter disgust regarding the immediate surrounding areas of the MUGA on Swan’s Length, Alvechurch.

I was trying to walk my dogs this morning and couldn’t believe the filth, broken bottles, wine bottles and litter.

We now have a safety issue apart from the under-age alcohol abuse.

When our younger children are enjoying the MUGA they don’t always think to look in front of them, so imagine the terrible effect of one of the children falling on a broken bottle.

We are, after all, in an alcohol-free area. However, we are also aware that young people will try alcohol, but why on earth do they find it necessary to smash the bottles and leave such a disgusting mess?

We have reached a situation with the MUGA that we all knew would eventually come about. What a shame that the idiot brigade are spoiling things for the ones who do enjoy having the MUGA.

As for community policing, I have little faith in this idea as they tend to speak to the youth as their buddies, therefore, once again bringing a total lack of respect.

Roslyn Morris