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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Do we ban walkers, too?


What sort of miserable and selfish so-and-so is “A disgruntled road tax payer” in your September edition?

Why draw the line at horse-riders being banned from country lanes? Why not ban cyclists and walkers as well, as they don’t pay for a road fund licence either?

And if it’s manure he’s worried about, why not stop farmers carrying the stuff on the wheels of their tractors off the fields and on to the roads?

In fact, why not ban anything which prevents him from getting to Morrisons a few minutes earlier on a Saturday morning and from keeping his car clean?

If you choose to live in a place like Alvechurch, surrounded by lovely countryside maintained by the farming community, you are going to have to put up with the occasional inconvenience from farmers and from those who actually want to get out of their cars and breathe the fresh out-of-town air.

My advice to your unidentified correspondent is to find another route to Morrisons which avoids country lanes and which protects his wheel arches, and to get a life.

Bob Dale, Weatheroak