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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Just slow down, please!


I am writing with regard to motorists driving too fast in Crown Meadow, Alvechurch, particularly in the area between Glebe Road and Callow Hill Road.

My baby daughter in her pram and I were almost hit by a van this morning while crossing the road at the end of The Buckleys on to Crown Meadow.

The road was clear when we started to cross, but the van came round the corner so fast that we had not reached the other side before it had reached us.

On many occasions I have seen cars driving dangerously fast along Crown Meadow, particularly on this bend. When driving round bends in built-up areas, surely it is common sense to slow down?

Many children live in this area of Alvechurch and they use the route from Crown Meadow via The Buckleys to go to and from school, so surely that is reason enough for drivers to take responsibility and slow down and be more vigilant before a serious or fatal accident occurs?

Or perhaps speed ramps might be the answer to slow motorists down.

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