Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Leave road as it is


In response to David Barton’s letter: it would be interesting to see an actual scale model of this because as soon as I looked at it, I burst into laughter.

As it is now, you can come out of Bear Hill or Tanyard Lane and turn right. But what Mr Barton is proposing would meant that Tanyard Lane would become a bottleneck, (oh and aren’t there two schools along there – even more danger for children crossing), driving up to Robert’s Corner, up to the island, down to Junction 2, around the motorway island which in rush hour is impossible, then all the way down the by-pass to Cobbs Farm.

Also reducing the speed limit to 20mph from Robert’s Corner up to Cobbs Farm could mean more accidents, with drivers looking at their speedometers.

It would isolate the local businesses which rely on traffic coming through for trade, which in return keeps people in jobs? Do we really want to see the village turned into a desert?

And as for only letting public transport come through – what a joke! One bus every hour and two on a Sunday.

While I’m on the subject I would like to go to the letter sent in from Peter Cottrell and Christine Swainson – how would you suggest turning Rectory Lane into a cul-de-sac? It’s hardly wide enough for two cars to pass now as it does have blind bends.

Why don’t you just make it for residents only and put security gates with a security keypad either side where residents would have to enter a code to get through – or would that make it more like a prison?

And as for Radford Road, this road goes nowhere near the bypass and is a nice route to get to places like Shirley and Solihull etc – or are you suggesting that drivers use the motorway and travel even more miles out of their way?

Two mini islands were put in place in the village to control traffic. However, drivers seem to forget that they are just like a normal island and you give way to your right; but it surprises me how many cars come to a standstill when they meet, and as soon as you think they are not going to move they move – this has caused many a near accident which never happened before.

As for the ‘Villager’, what do you do all day – wait and count the cars going up and down to see how many use the road or the by-pass? If you don’t like it then don’t live on a main road.

Does anyone want Alvechurch to look like Barnt Green – an ugly mass of red speed humps?

I think we need to look at how many actual accidents have happened in the village lately. We have traffic lights at which villagers are able to cross with safety, and now at least we don’t have juggernauts coming through – only to deliver items into the village.

With the narrowing of the roads either side of the village, will villagers learn that this is not a zebra crossing, and if anything, when drivers take their tests, the sign that should be pointed out most is the sign saying who has right of way, as many people still don’t understand a symbol so simple.

Also with the use of speed humps etc, do people understand what damage can be done to cars like suspension and wheel alignments? This can be bad enough from pot holes and low drains.

Is the local council responsible for any repairs caused by excessive travelling over the hump?

At the end of the day this road is a public highway and should be left as it is.

Branden Road, Alvechurch