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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Schools should expand, not move


The schools in Alvechurch have only been in existence for about 35 years. This is virtually a new school, no doubt paid for by our rates. The whole community should have been consulted, instead of being presented with a fait accompli.

The Alvechurch schools are in an excellent position this side of the main road, where the housing estates are. The schools have two playgrounds and their own playing field, a rarity these days. I think that expansion on this site is preferable. It also belongs to the community. There is enough room to build a new brick building.

If the schools are demolished, then the land in Tanyard Lane would without a doubt have a large building estate built on it. It would mean more families and more children. Where would they go to get their education? Plans for the new school state that the building is only going to cover the same amount of ground. So why are we wasting taxpayers’ money.

This is all to do with PFI (Private Finance Initiative). A consortium puts up the money. They could be foreign companies; anybody. They will have shareholders. It is they who will own the schools, not as they are now, owned by the local people. They will lease the schools back to the community for the next twenty five years.

They don’t know us, so if there are 40 or more pupils to a class it will not concern them. These people are only interested in their profits.

Grace Wetton, Alvechurch

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