Saturday, December 9, 2023
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It’s for bees, not dogs


Dear Editor – I have just come in after transplanting some snowdrops, Scillas, Aconites and Primroses from my garden into the Pollinators Patch in Barnt Green to be early pollinators on what was a rather barren patch of land.
I am trying to plant and encourage pollinators to create the vision that I had of a corridor from Alvechurch through Barnt Green, Cofton to Lickey (which you wrote about in The Village View in February.
I found that some dog owners must let their dog off the lead to go to the back of the patch to do its business – this was both messy and smelly for me to clear up. Please do not let your dogs off the lead to go on this patch of land; there is a rope fence to mark it as “off limits”.

Rachel Banner, Barnt Green