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Eco-party project


Sammy with her daughters Tamsin and Phoebe

Sarah Rees

Sarah Rees reports from the Oakalls and Parklands.

An enterprising mother from The Oakalls has embraced an environmentally friendly idea for reducing waste at children’s parties.

Sammy Shemar was planning her daughter’s fifth birthday party. Having invited everyone from Tamsin’s class at school, plus family members and friends, she needed to provide plates and cups for 42 people. She realised that it was a significant quantity of single-use paper and plastic – for just one children’s party. She felt guilty that all these single-use items would be thrown away.

Sammy recalled seeing a Facebook post on an “go green” site she belonged to, which referred to reusable party packs.

“I browsed the internet and discovered a variety of sites which provided a hire option for party kits, but none that covered the Bromsgrove area – so I decided to set one up myself,” says Sammy.

She was going to buy the reusable items anyway, so thought she would turn it into a community asset. She set up ‘Pass the Party Bromsgrove’ at the end of September.

Her eco-party kits venture operates on a not-for-profit basis, helping to raise funds for ACEF – Akamba Children’s Education Fund, supporting Brainhouse Academy school just outside Nairobi, Kenya. The cost to hire reusable tableware is £5, and all items are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Sammy has since discovered that Blackwell First School also runs a similar scheme for local community groups, helping to raise money for the school’s PTA.

“Given the vital importance of environmentally friendly products which reduce waste and decrease carbon emissions, this seems a very simple solution which could have a big impact,” Sammy adds.

“It is great to know that a local school is also offering this service because it is a new concept and hopefully the more people who are aware of it will lead to more people who adopt it.”

For more information about Sammy’s business visit:


The ninth Oakalls and Parklands Christmas Community Carols event will take place on Sunday December 22, starting at 6.30pm on the open grassed area by the notice board and Trianon Road.

Refreshments will be available, including Tardebigge Cider and mince pies. Following the carols Father Christmas will be arriving at around 7pm to visit the children.

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