Grubs to blame for wrecked lawn

Having read Keith Hughes’s letter “That’s the badger” (July 2019), I think I can shed some light on why this has happened.

We had a similar incident some five years ago. Our lawn was completely rotovated. A landscape gardener dug down and lifted a spade of soil and showed us chafer grubs; a white maggot-looking thing.

The chafer grub beetle flies around and leaves the eggs on the ground and the eggs hatch into grubs. These then burrow down and over a long period of time they turn into chafer beetles, gradually making their way to the surface to hatch around June.

We bought chafer grub nematodes and watered them in around the end of August, but it can be a costly exercise at around £95 to cover a 500m2 area.

The grubs have a long gestation period and so you need to do this annually for about five years. I hope this helps.

Sue Attley, Marlbrook