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Parked cars are a real danger


I recently contacted Worcestershire County Council’s Highways department about the parking situation on Fiery Hill Road. I asked if they could do something to stop parking on the blind bend before there is a serious accident.

Dangerous parking on Fiery Hill Road has become an increasing problem. When coming from Twatling Road and turning left towards Barnt Green, at the start of the hill and on a blind bend, cars are parked in a position that allows little chance to brake before running into the back of the vehicles.

They also obstruct the view of any oncoming traffic approaching from Barnt Green, up the hill. The situation has got progressively worse over the last few weeks and is now a serious accident waiting to happen.

I believe, along with many other local residents, that there needs to be no parking within at least 30 metres of the blind bend, or preferably no parking at the top of Fiery Hill Road.

Highways provided me with this update, which I think may be of interest to other readers:

“Thank you for your enquiry. The site has been visited by our traffic engineer and the police, and the current restrictions are considered to be suitable for the situation.”

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