Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Time to have your say


Villagers now have only a few weeks left to have their say on the future development of Bromsgrove district.

Bromsgrove District Council is holding a public consultation on the review of its Bromsgrove District Plan, which it says will “provide a long term vision and strategy to meet the future needs for homes and employment across the District.”

The council is asking for feedback on which issues are most important to residents, which can then be used to develop new policies before the Plan is adopted, probably in 2021.

The eight-week consultation, called “Issues and Options”, runs until midnight on Monday November 19. Residents can make comments on such issues as housing, employment, transport, social Infrastructure, natural and historic environment, and climate change.

Although the review does not present new planning policies or allocate sites for development, the Plan must ensure “at the very least” that the full housing requirement up to 2030 can be delivered, as well as potentially taking some of the West Midlands housing shortfall – therefore it is expected that there will be some development in the Green Belt.

Strategic Planning Officer Matt Stanczyszyn told Blackwell councillors and residents that “at this stage everything is on the table”.

Strategic Planning Manager Mike Dunphy added that while people may not like the idea of more houses, “It’s better to be part of the process than to stick your head in the sand”.

Because this Plan will affect the District for so many years to come, it’s vitally important that the council hears detailed responses from as many residents as possible – see Page 16 for our guide on how to get involved.

Council representatives are holding a series of events to provide more information – a list of these can also be found here.

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