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Show us your evidence


I could not let go unchallenged the claim from your (unnamed) correspondent in January 2018 under the headline “Plagued by chariots of fire”.

The writer claims that “there are more than two thousand incidents of law-breaking every week, inflicted on residents of Ten Ashes Lane, Groveley Lane and others in Cofton Hackett.

This is not a figure that is recognised by the parish council, the local Neighbourhood Watch group or West Mercia Police. Yet your writer claims that the figure is documented.

The parish council would be very interested to see this documentary evidence and would welcome a meeting with this contributor so that the correct facts can be established.

The letter further states that “it could be a coincidence that a massive rise in infringements is down to the new occupants (of Cofton Hackett).”  This is disingenuous at best.

The parish council, along with many other local organisations, has done all it can to ensure the new residents of Cofton Hackett receive a warm welcome, and has always encouraged them to participate in local life, an invitation that, I am pleased to report, has been enthusiastically taken up by many of them. We look forward to this continuing.

Coun Richard Deeming
Chairman, Cofton Hackett Parish Council