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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Accident waiting to happen


As a regular dog walker in Cofton Hackett I have witnessed numerous near-misses Involving cars speeding along Groveley Lane and on three occasions nearly been hit myself crossing over to Cofton Park.

Bear in mind that this new road system has cost in excess of £120,000, I think it’s just a matter of time before somebody is injured or even killed.

I’ve read lots of letters printed in this magazine so I’m not the only person to raise concerns over this.

District and county councillor Peter McDonald was the first to praise the new road layout and get his photo plastered in the local newspapers; where is he now?

I’ve emailed him on numerous occasions regarding this but haven’t had one reply. Is it because it’s a shambles, and an expensive shambles at that?

What I would say to him is to perhaps sit in his car at the top of Ten Ashes Lane and witness the same things I have, such as speeding cars overtaking buses on the top of the hill (thank God nobody was crossing) or cars travelling in excess of 60mph.

Yes, I know it’s down to the drivers but, spending this amount of money on a new system, you would have thought there would be some sort of deterrent instead of funny-looking lines painted at the side of the road.

Perhaps they should use the system that’s used in Cock Hill Lane in Rubery, which I think is superb.

Or perhaps Coun McDonald would like to meet the Cofton Hackett parish council because after expressing my concerns to them they have also said it’s a matter of time before there is a serious accident or even a fatality.

Sophie Garner, Cofton Hackett