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Friday, May 20, 2022
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Living next door to a bomb site


I live on Fiery Hill Road, Barnt Green, opposite the railway station. I daresay most nearby residents are aware of the demolition of the property at number 47 next door to our house, with a shared drive. 

Regardless of the buyer’s intention to build several apartments on the plot, which is so out of keeping with the location, it was nonetheless given permission by the Bromsgrove Planning Committee, despite opposition from us and adjacent neighbours.  

Two years have passed, with the property, abandoned for months, falling into neglect and decay with the garden overgrown, narrowing the pavement. 

It is only recently that the property was demolished, then left as a bomb-site only feet away from our house. This has caused so much dust which we have constantly had to hose off our garden, windows and walls which are rough-cast. 

My patience has finally run out, being unable to sit in our garden during the summer and having to live next door to a building site where nothing positive has happened for weeks. 

Complaining may result in nothing, but I thought it time to enlighten people in this once-beautiful village. 

Many thanks to those who may have taken time to read this. 

Sheila Evans, Barnt Green