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Friday, July 1, 2022
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. . . but I’m fed up with the smoke


In response to the letter regarding bonfires: I live on the Redditch Road in Alvechurch, and this problem has been on going since I moved here 20 years ago.

I’m fed up with selfish people having fires any time of the day. Like Roz Miller, I have had to wash my clothes again because a fire has been started as early as 8.30am and left to smoulder for hours.

Bromsgrove Council sent out letters a few years ago asking for information on fires, as they had had complaints; this selfish act is not acceptable and they would be contacting the persons responsible.

I gave information. . . but nothing was done. Do something, Bromsgrove Council!

And to residents: Have your fires if you have to, but do it late evening.

Babs Tuohy, Alvechurch