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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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‘Nightmare’ of village traffic


As a long-standing resident of Barnt Green (22 years) I’ve noticed so many changes, from a lovely village location with a fabulous village school to an over-populated, car-ridden nightmare.

We live close to the railway bridge, and now that the notorious Cala Homes roadworks have started, it is taking my sons an hour to get home from Bromsgrove, as the small bridge off Fiery Hill has turned into a dangerous cut-through for HGV lorries and people commuting.

Today we have no wi-fi or broadband – and that’s on top of all the noise.

Please tell me why the council let this happen to this lovely quiet area.

On another note, which does go hand in hand, our drive has turned into a car park for the local school as there is not enough room for the amount of vehicles coming and going to the school.

This is a terrible situation at the moment in our village.

P.S. I’ve just noticed a spotlight outside our house which is shining straight through our hall. Great!

Barnt Green resident