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Speeding will lead to fatal accident


On reading your June 2016 issue, it is plainly evident that there are serious speeding issues in Weatheroak, Alvechurch and Rowney Green.

The Village View highlights the need to control speeding with traffic calming measures. 

Since the 1970s there has been a Cofton Hackett campaign for implementing traffic calming and a crossing on Groveley Lane between Rednal and Parsonage Drive Islands, which has been to no avail.

This road is extremely dangerous, as is Barnt Green Road, with vehicles being driven in excess of 30mph and at times upwards to 60/70mph. There is a speed-activated 30mph sign which is badly positioned so ineffective.

There is still no official crossing from Cofton Park pathway on the blind summit. The elderly, children and disabled have great difficulty crossing the road.

Past incidents: 1. A young girl was knocked off her bike but fortunately unhurt.

2. Travelling east is a bend where one of two “boy racers” ended up crashing into a garden wall on the opposite side of the road. Luckily for him, he survived with only broken bones.

3. A driver lost control on the brow of the hill on Groveley Lane and colliding with five cars coming in the opposite direction, his car being upturned. Residents rushed out of their houses to slow down oncoming drivers in both directions, preventing the accident escalating. Luckily, medical help was on hand.

Fortunately there were no fatalities. We anticipate there are likely to be so one day due to similar situations described and general speeding, as there have been on Barnt Green and Kendal End Roads. 

Resident drivers take their lives in their hands entering and exiting side roads off Groveley Lane when unable to judge approaching speeding traffic, in particular Ten Ashes Lane which is near the summit.

All manner of fast traffic is endured, including double decker buses every three minutes and more and more heavy haulage lorries. 

Worcestershire County Council Highways received 106 development monies in April 2015 for traffic calming between Rednal and Parsonage Drive islands.

There is absolutely no excuse for so-called cuts. The money is available and due to rising costs Cofton Hackett will now end up with an inferior traffic calming system which is likely to be ineffective. 

There are (what I believe to be) many political excuses for delaying or ignoring implementation. A public meeting was held on November 28, 2013 but no subsequent meetings to show updated plans. 

If traffic calming is not going to take place, I would like to see published proof that 106 monies are to be returned to the developers. 

Cofton Hackett resident