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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Cameras required to quell speeding


The residents of Weatheroak have been lobbying every official body for a decade or more regarding speeding traffic. 

Thus far, we have achieved a shared 30mph flashing sign (usually ignored) and a file of correspondence from police and others informing us that insufficient people have been killed to warrant action.  

Speed camera signs reinforced by occasional speed camera action would get a response from drivers, who don’t want fines and points on their licences.

Traffic passes our property at speeds up to 50-60mph! I am at present training a German Shepherd dog and attempt to slow drivers down with the old-fashioned hand signal.

Reactions to this are often a one or two-finger response. One driver did slow down, apologised and said he hadn’t noticed the 30mph signs.

We have occasional verges in Weatheroak, so walking is hazardous. Drivers do not seem to be aware that if there are no pavements, pedestrians take priority.

We want speed limits enforced.

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